We organize H.A.R.D. Hack because we saw a lack of hardware-focused hackathons and wanted to provide students with a more well-rounded hacking experience that incorporates both hardware and software development. This is especially important since the direction many technologies are headed towards an integration of both software and hardware components. The ability to provide students within UCSD and outside UCSD with an extremely forgiving platform to get hands-on experience with industry standard technology inspired us to organize the hackathon. This is because we feel that learning should involve a hands-on component  to one's education is essential for a holistic experience for budding engineers.


All University students are welcome! 


Health & Wellness / Quality of Life:

  • For example: how do you improve the quality of life of various groups of people like senior citizens, college students, people with disability, 3rd world citizens, etc 

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$2,095 in prizes

H.A.R.D. Hack Grand Prize

100$ Amazon Gift Card per Person

H.A.R.D. Hack Runner Up

50$ Amazon Gift Card per Person

Qualcomm Award (2)

A Dragonboard 410c for each person and feature project on the developer network!

Digikey & NKK Switches (2)

Mini Arcade for each member

alwaysAI Prize

Raspberry Pi & Intel Compute Stick

Wearable Sensing (2)

Visit Campus and Interview with the company

Northrop Grumman 1st Prize

Raspberry Pi 3s

Northrop Grumman 2nd Prize

Power Banks!

Northrop Grumman 3rd Prize

Amazon Gift Cards

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Judging Criteria

  • H.A.R.D. Hack Theme Challenge
    Create a project to improve Health & Wellness / Quality of Life.
  • alwaysAI Challenge
    How would you make an impact to the world, if you could give intelligent sight to a robot?
  • Qualcomm Challenge
    Challenge is to make the best use of all the compute and connectivity options available on the DragonBoard development platform.
  • NKK Switches + Digikey Challenge
    Best use of NKK Switches Hardware.
  • Wearable Sensing Challenge
    Use one of Wearable Sensing's EEG systems. Build a useful wearable brain monitoring App. Reliability: How robust is the implementation? Desirability: How much would one want it? Practicality: How easy to use is the App?
  • Northrop Grumman Challenge
    Create a self-driving vehicle that can navigate and move towards a VHF signal in the room.

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